I-methods is a journal for specialists in the field of modern information and telecommunication technologies, automated control systems, space research and information security, as well as for users who use communication and infocommunication in their daily production and research activities.

The journal publishes news about events in the above areas, opinions of experts, new technologies, innovative developments, equipment and solutions, analytical articles.

The journal covers problematic issues and prospects for the development and improvement of automated control systems for special purposes, the introduction of new information and telecommunication technologies in military and dual-use systems, including for the aerospace industry, promising developments in the field of information security systems and networks for special purposes.

A special place in the publication is given to the development of weapons systems and individual samples of special equipment, consisting in the arms of Russia and the world, as well as the results of scientific research of young scientists in the field of creating new tools and intelligent science-intensive technologies.


Target audience of the journal:

  • Developers of aviation and space technology
  • Information and communication companies
  • Distributors of information and telecommunication equipment and services
  • Developers and manufacturers of automated control systems equipment
  • Security and search service providers
  • Government departments and organizations
  • Specialized educational institution

Thematic areas of the journal:

  • Innovative and knowledge-intensive technologies in aerospace activities
  • Elements and devices of computer technology and control systems
  • Methods and systems of information protection, information and cybersecurity
  • Control, communication and navigation systems
  • Issues of development of automated control systems
  • Development of automated process control systems
  • Telecommunication technologies and technical innovations of mobile communication systems
  • Prospects for the development of a unified information and communication space
  • Use of radio frequency spectrum in mobile communication systems
  • Antenna-feeder equipment
  • Satellite TV, satellite navigation systems, GLONASS, construction of GPS navigation systems
  • Fiber optic equipment and technology
  • Manufacturers, providers and distributors of information and communication equipment
  • Work of domestic associations, regional and coordinating operators
  • Exhibitions, forums, conferences, seminars, interviews (original and new projects, results of activities, industry problems and solutions, etc.)

Scientific and technical journal “I-methods” has been published since 2009.

ISSN 2619-080X (Online)
Publishing license Certificate of registration of mass media Эл № ФС77-74610 dated December 24, 2018, issued by the Federal service for supervision of communications, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor).


Founder and publisher: Institute of innovation and high technologies, LLC»

194292, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Prospekt Kultury, d. 22, korp.2., a. 258

Phone: +7 (962) 345-78-18

E-mail: intech-spb@yandex.ru

Form of distribution: network periodical. Distributed FREE of charge.

Language of publications: Russian, English.

Periodicity: 4 issues per year.

Thematic plan of the journal I-methods

No. 1 (issue-March 25)

No. 2 (issue-June 25)

No. 3 (issue-September 25)

No. 4 (issue-December 25)

The archive of the journal is freely available .


Scientific specialties and corresponding branches of science, on which the publication publishes articles:

  • 2.2.15 Telecommunication systems, networks and devices
  • 2.3.6 Information security methods and systems, information security


Indices of SSTI, which corresponds to log

49.00.00 Communication.
49.03.05 Theory of signal processing in communication systems.
49.27.00 Transmission system.
49.31.00 Multichannel communication.
49.39.00 Telephone communication and equipment.
49.43.00 Radio communication and broadcasting.
49.33.35 Reliability of communication networks and information protection.
50.37.23 Protection against unauthorized access. Physical protection of information.
50.41.27 Computer viruses. Antivirus programs.
81.93.29 Information security. Data protection.


The address of the editorial office: 194044, Russia, St. Petersburg, Lesnoy Prospekt, 34-36 bldg. 1

Phone: +7 (965) 77-498-55

Email: i-methods@yandex.ru



Chief editor

Burenin A. N. (Ph.D, associate Professor, chief specialist of JSC “Research Institute” Rubin»)
Leading specialist in the field of management of complex multiservice networks and infocommunication systems, methods of designing automated infocommunication management systems. Participates in the development of automated control systems and unified information space. He was directly involved in the development of state standards for communications and telecommunications. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers devoted to the problems of construction and management of modern multiservice networks and infocommunication systems, the creation of automated control systems.

Editorial board

Bobrovsky V.I.
(Ph.D, associate Professor, chief specialist of PJSC “INTELTECH”)

Budko P.A.
(Ph.D, Professor, scientific Secretary of PJSC “INTELTECH”)

Goncharevsky V.S.
(Ph.D, Professor, honored worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department automated control systems Of the military space Academy named after A. F. Mozhaiskiy)

Grechishnikov E.V.
(Ph.D, Professor, corresponding Member of the Academy of military Sciences)

Grudinin I.V.
(Ph.D, Professor, Professor of the Department of operational art and tactics of the Military space Academy named after A. F. Mozhaysky)

Kartashevsky V.G.
(Ph.D, Professor, head of the Department of information security of the Volga region state University of telecommunications and Informatics)

Kurnosov V.I.
(Ph.D, Professor, academician of the Arctic Academy of Sciences, academician of the International Academy member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, chief researcher of JSC “Research Institute” Rubin»)

Pavlov A.N.
(Ph.D, Professor, Professor of the Department of automated control systems) complexes Of the military space Academy named after A. F. Mozhaiskiy)

Prorok V.Ya.
(Ph.D, Professor, Professor of the Department of software and algorithmic support automated control systems Of the military space Academy named after A. F. Mozhaiskiy)

Semenov S.S.
(Ph. D., associate Professor of the Department of technical communication and automation of the Military Academy of communications)

Sinitsyn E.A.
(Ph. D, Professor, head of research Institute of JSC “VNIIRA”)

Finko O.A.
(Ph.D, Professor, Professor of the Department of the Krasnodar higher military school)

Khomonenko A.D.
(Ph. D, Professor, head of the Department of information and computer systems St. Petersburg state University of Railways of Emperor Alexander I)

Shatrakov Yu.
(Ph. D, Professor, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, scientific Secretary of JSC “VNIIRA”)